Women’s Neighbourhood Volunteering Project (WNVP) was a three year project funded by the Home Office Active Community Unit (July 2002 - March 2005). The overall aim of the project was to improve volunteering opportunities in partnership with women living in the three London boroughs the project worked in: Tower Hamlets, Newham and Haringey.

The key objectives of the project were:

The main activities of the project were:

Recruiting, training and placing women volunteers

Over 20 volunteers were recruited, trained and placed either working on the project or in another organisations. Two volunteer fairs were also held in 2003, one in Tower Hamlets and one in Newham, to promote volunteering and to recruit volunteers.

Running networks for women involved in volunteering or regeneration

Several networks have been set up during the project including:

Providing support and expertise on women’s volunteering

The project has provided support and good practice for organisations wanting to involve women volunteers in their organisation. Several seminars / workshops on volunteering have also been delivered including:

A good practice CD and booklet called Involving women volunteers in your organisation has also been produced. This is full of information, ideas and materials to help you set up volunteering opportunities for women in your organisation.

Raising awareness about supporting women’s involvement in regeneration

The project has provided information and raised awareness about regeneration. This has included:

Providing training for women and organisations

During the project several training courses were delivered. These included: