WDS Publications

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Broadsheets 1992-2002

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Doing Things Differently: WDS at 20

ISBN 978-0-9516165-2-9 (2007)

Celebrating 20 years since the organisation was officially constituted, this book provides a detailed history of Women’s Design Service and its activities set against the social and political context of the times. Written & researched by Eeva Berglund.

What to Do About Women’s Safety in Parks

ISBN 978-0-9516165-1-2 (2007)

This book details the findings of women’s focus groups and women’s safety audits in a number of parks and green spaces. A range of women were involved in the process, including women with different disabilities and women from varied ethnic backgrounds. The publication summarises the issues and design features that contribute to women’s actual and perceived safety in parks. It contains a series of extremely useful and practical “What to Do…..” sheets on topics such as “What to do about lighting”.

At Women’s Convenience

ISBN 0-9516165-0-1 (1990)

Every woman is aware of the deficiencies of most public toilet provision. This, the only complete study of women’s public conveniences, gives the history of public toilets, looks at the facilities presently available in London and elsewhere in Britain, and gives detailed design recommendations, based on such guidelines as environmental impact, accessibility, safety and convenience.

Cycling for Women CD


A guide summarising the results of a project working with women in Lambeth & business; Camden investigating the barriers & possible solutions to involving more women in this more environmentally sustainable & healthy mode of transport.

Involving Women Volunteers in Your Organisation CD


A practical guide which provides ideas, resources and information about women’s volunteering and how to effectively involve women volunteers in your organisation. It explains the definition of volunteering, how to set up volunteering within your organisation, key elements of good volunteer management and gives examples of documents you can adapt and use.

Disability and Regeneration

ISBN 0-9516165-9-5 (2004)

Audio cassette also available.

This booklet explores the experiences of disabled women who have been trying to make their voices heard about regeneration proposals in their neighbourhoods. Through the voices of the women themselves we hear about the institutional, social and physical barriers that prevent women with disabilities from engaging in regeneration processes with the result that regeneration outcomes do not always address the needs of all groups. The booklet includes as useful checklist for Local Strategic Partnerships who are trying to ensure that their decision making processes are fully inclusive.

Re-Moving the Goalposts (Perspectives on Women and Regeneration)

ISBN 0-9516165-7-9 (2002)

This guide is designed to be a useful working tool for all those involved with regeneration and renewal partnership boards and other decision-making bodies connected with urban regeneration and renewal. It is intended to promote inclusive working practices and encourage the continuing development and practice of processes that harness local skills and knowledge. The guide is primarily based on community research and development work carried out by the Women and Regeneration Project, with local women in three London regeneration areas between 1999-2001. It seeks to generate understanding of the barriers faced by the diverse communities of women living in regeneration areas and to suggest ways in which those barriers can be overcome. The guide includes checklists and health tips to assess to what extent decision-making bodies are working inclusively. These tools for practical steps towards inclusiveness aim to assist partnerships in their work.

Housing for Independence

ISBN 0-9516165-6-0 (2000)

CD ROM also available- please use order form at the bottom of this page. An action guide exploring how current housing design and allocation processes impact on the lives of disabled women and what needs to change. It provides evidence from disabled women profile participants and focus groups about their housing experiences and requirements. This guide provides essential information for housing associations, architects, planners, occupational therapists, allocation and access officers. It is also intended to be useful for individuals and disability organisations campaigning for more accessible and flexible housing forms. This illustrated guide promotes integrated and inclusive housing design principles and processes that will support disabled women to lead their chosen lifestyles and reduce the social discrimination they are currently experiencing as a result of inappropriate mainstream housing forms.

Making Safer Places

ISBN 0-9516165-8-7 (1998)

A resource book for conducting neighbourhood safety audits based on projects with youth and community groups undertaken by Women’s Design Service. Includes an outline of the audit process, activities and exercises; ten case studies: factsheets and useful contacts about the built environment.